I’m just a man.  I’m probably one of the stranger combinations of a person you’ll ever meet.  I’m a country boy, and live in the woods of eastern Kentucky.  I’m a veteran of the Iraq war and received an honorable discharge from active duty with the US Army.  I’m a son, brother, husband, and a father.  I take great pride in providing for my family and myself, and being as self sufficient as reasonably possible.  I believe if you can do something yourself, if you can earn something by working for it, then you appreciate it more.  I do most of my own work on my car, I make my own handles for tools when one is needed, I hunt, fish, and otherwise try to be as self sufficient as possible.  I’m a staunch defender of the 2nd amendment and believe in individual liberty and responsibility.  I love the outdoors; hunting, fishing, and hiking.

I’m also a tech enthusiast, and have spent much of my professional life working as an IT consultant, help desk director, network technician, server administrator, etc.  I’ve built or customized every PC in our house, I run my own home Linux server that hosts files, a couple of game servers, etc.  I enjoy playing video games, and see them as something that’s just as much art as it is entertainment; a way for artists and storytellers to create their worlds in the most “real” sense possible with today’s technology, and allow players to actually move around in and experience the world they’re trying to create.  I mostly play role playing games, but will also occasionally delve into online games like Battlefield 1.  One of the game servers I operate is a Rust server for family and friends, so I play online on that occasionally.  Primarily however, when it comes to video games, I am attracted by story and gameplay more than anything else.  A game can look amazing, but if I don’t have a good, believable reason to care about all the shiny stuff on the screen, then I won’t enjoy it.  I game primarily on PC, although I have played on consoles in the past, and you may still see me on XBox Live occasionally since newer games for Windows 10 integrate with XBox Live.

I also own and operate my own Citizens’ Band (CB) Radio station and use it to keep in touch with people around my community.

My goal in starting this blog is to create a space for myself on the web where I can put thought and care into my writing.  I wanted a space where I could post the things that I normally would post on Facebook, but with a bit more attention to detail.

I hope I can become a productive member of this community, and I hope you all enjoy my blogs, as I’m sure I will enjoy yours, 🙂


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