Perception of Reality

I have a hypothesis about reality, spirits, death, and our human perception of all those things and more.

We live in a world where our experience, our perception of “reality”, is completely dictated by the limitations of our 5 senses; touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell.  We are essentially a squishy collection of molecules gifted with intelligence, and at the end of the day, we are really quite limited in just how much of “reality” we can experience.

Humans can only see between infra-red and ultra-violet, but there is a whole slew of wavelengths of light that we are completely in-capable of seeing.  Our ears can only hear a very small portion of the spectrum of vibrations and frequencies.  Only in relatively recent years have we developed the technology with which to perceive some of the things that we cannot see with our own eyes or hear with our own ears, but even those devices just convert those things into a spectrum where we can perceive them.  Infra-red cameras just convert heat into colors of the light spectrum that we can see.  When you look through an IR camera, you aren’t actually seeing the IR light rays as they actually are, you are seeing an interpretation of those light rays, as depicted in our visible light spectrum.

What I’m getting at is that we literally cannot even perceive the vast majority of the universe.  In the infinite vastness of space, there are planes of existence that we cannot sense with any of our 5 senses.  There could be sentient beings that exist in this universe with us that we simply cannot interact with because our senses don’t allow it.  Just because we, as human beings, cannot sense something, does not mean that it doesn’t exist, it is just another example of how narrow our perception of “reality” really is.  What if people who practice yoga and/or meditation really are able to, at least temporarily, peer into these “realms” that really are not separate from reality, but exist right along-side us, in wavelengths of light and vibration that we cannot sense?  Even our sense of touch is not really “touch”.  You never really “touch” anything.  Our atoms react to materials by repelling them.  When you’re sitting in a chair, you’re never really touching the chair, you are, at a sub-atomic level, floating above the seat of your chair.  Your sense of touch is a reaction to electrical signals picked up by your nerves when the atoms in your cells react to the atoms of the world around you.  What if there are beings that have a perception of having a physical body, like ours, but exist at different wave-lengths so that they react with materials on those wavelengths?  What if, in the very space you occupy right now, there is a whole other world that exists at a different wave-length that you cannot perceive?

What if “heaven”, as described in so many different cultures and religions, is just another wave-length of reality that exists right alongside our own?  What if when we die, our consciousness continues to exist in this very world on different wave-lengths of light, sound, and matter?  What if, all throughout history, the shamans, the healers, the medicine men, the prophets, what if all these people were just human beings that, at least under certain conditions, were particularly sensitive to the other wave-lengths of light, sound, and matter that exist, and were therefore granted an expanded sense of reality compared to the rest of us?  That would mean that there really is a spiritual realm, that exists right along-side us on different wave-lengths of light, sound and matter, and therefore behaves entirely differently than what we are accustomed to experiencing under the extreme limitations of our 5 human senses.

The take-away from my ramblings today is that we have our sense of reality, but it really is quite a minuscule portion of what we know exists, and what is possible in the infinite vastness of our universe.

About Gerowen

I’m just a man. I’m probably the strangest combination of a person you’ll ever meet. I’m a country boy, and live in the woods of eastern Kentucky. I’m a veteran of the Iraq war and received an honorable discharge from active duty with the US Army. I’m a son, brother, husband, and a father. I take great pride in providing for my family and myself, and being as self sufficient as reasonably possible. I believe if you can do something yourself, if you can earn something by working for it, then you appreciate it more. I’m a staunch defender of the 2nd amendment and believe in individual liberty and responsibility. I love the outdoors; hunting, fishing, and hiking. I am also a tech nerd. When I was in the Army I was a 25B, which is basically a computer nerd in camo. I enjoy video games, building and working on PCs, CB radios and all things technological. I'm primarily a PC gamer on Steam, Origin, etc. I enjoy role playing games and SOME first person shooters such as Battlefield 1 and occasionally Overwatch. Generally speaking I like playing alone, or if I'm online, it's usually some sort of role playing game.
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2 Responses to Perception of Reality

  1. Oh my goodness, lol, here I was just telling you all about Infra red and Ultra violet and I click onto your post as I have neglected you in a while, and here you are in full knowledge of what I was speaking of.. 🙂 Right now to read the rest of your post lol 🙂

  2. Marcus, you have is sussed!… And its been my wonderful experience to touch this other world.. As they interact again with ours.. Using ectoplasm to step into… If you ever have time to browse my section on Paranormal .. I have several posts if you scroll down where I attended physical Trance workshops for those of us who have sat for Trance and physical phenomena..
    A link is here if you should care to browse..

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