Made in America

Just posted this on a forum I frequent in response to a story about “Made in America” making a comeback, according to Wal-Mart execs.

I make a conscious effort to buy American made products for two reasons.

1) China has very little regulation in most of their industries. One such example is that your “leather” goods from China could be made out of anything from dogs to rabbits with thick fabric laid underneath it to make it feel like it’s high quality leather. I have personally researched this, I’m not talking out of my ass. Foxconn factories even put nets around the bottom floor of their buildings to stop employees from committing suicide by jumping off the roof. Instead of improving working conditions, giving them more time off, or higher pay, they just put nets around the building to catch them.

2) A little bit of patriotism.

Even the “cheap crap”, that is made in America, has to abide by our laws and regulations, and is subject to inspection. In my experience, even our “cheap crap” is of a higher quality than cheap crap made in China. The problem is that almost nothing is made here any more. I went into a western store to buy a good pair of boots the other day. I picked up a nice looking pair of boots that had a $500 price tag on them, and normally when boots are priced that high it’s because they’re made in America. I looked inside, and they were made in China. So in other words, the work has been outsourced to China, but the prices haven’t gone down. Even the “John Deere” boots were made in China. I left without a pair of boots. I wanted to buy a Red Ryder BB gun a month or so ago, and they too are made in China. You know, the American icon of BB guns, the Red Ryder, the one that was in the movie about the little turdhead whose parents kept yelling, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”. Those, of all things, are now made in China, and it shows because the one I picked up had a loose part somewhere inside it rattling around.

I just want my fellow countrymen to start “making” things again, and for major retailers to start carrying those goods.

About Gerowen

I’m just a man. I’m probably the strangest combination of a person you’ll ever meet. I’m a country boy, and live in the woods of eastern Kentucky. I’m a veteran of the Iraq war and received an honorable discharge from active duty with the US Army. I’m a son, brother, husband, and a father. I take great pride in providing for my family and myself, and being as self sufficient as reasonably possible. I believe if you can do something yourself, if you can earn something by working for it, then you appreciate it more. I’m a staunch defender of the 2nd amendment and believe in individual liberty and responsibility. I love the outdoors; hunting, fishing, and hiking. I am also a tech nerd. When I was in the Army I was a 25B, which is basically a computer nerd in camo. I enjoy video games, building and working on PCs, CB radios and all things technological. I'm primarily a PC gamer on Steam, Origin, etc. I enjoy role playing games and SOME first person shooters such as Battlefield 1 and occasionally Overwatch. Generally speaking I like playing alone, or if I'm online, it's usually some sort of role playing game.
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One Response to Made in America

  1. Everything you pick up to buy reads made abroad somewhere.. Sourcing locally can prove to be difficult..But you are right.. We need to make a start and support goods made in our home countries. Most of our Manufacturing Industry went overseas and from 2000 onwards many Factories closed here in the UK..The unemployment figures are higher than ever, and living on an Island most goods are imported and yet once upon a time we were making the best.. Cheap Labour is the reason and often child-labour and appalling working conditions, And its the Brand Names often too who still charge top notch prices for those cheaply manufactured goods.. Profit and greed is what drives this…
    I often look when buying items ‘Fair-trade’ labels these are items where at least fairer pay and better working conditions have been registered. Such as in the Tea plantations ect

    Alot of the problem now in my country the UK is that the skills are now lost in many of these manufacturing industries.. Textiles is just one, I spent over 30 yrs in Textiles working on factory floor -Piece Work- meaning I only earned what I made, I worked my way up learning every skill and became a Training officer who was then sent out to Sri Lanka in 95 to help start training out there. Within 5 yrs my own company closed its UK branch as the overseas ones took over, I was made redundant and subsequently 3 other companies in 3 yrs I went to work for also closed their doors.. As competition from overseas couldn’t be competed with..
    So I changed career paths and became a Support Worker looking after adults with learning difficulties..
    Many of those old skills have now gone.. Unemployment is an issue in the UK. and many younger people have no prospects what so ever in the big towns and cites, and its harder still out in the countryside with small farmers going bang too.. This is again because of those Big Supermarkets and them having control over the pay of milk and vegetables, meat.. Wanting more for less, so their Profits get fatter and fatter…

    I whole heartedly agree we should be supporting our own countries and our own communities

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