Some random thoughts I had while at work today.

What if “time”, as we think of it, doesn’t really exist?  What if all moments that ever have and ever will occur in time, are all taking place right simultaneously in an infinite number of parallel dimensions?  What if “time”, as we think of it, is really irrelevant in the grand scheme of things because all things that ever have and ever will happen, are happening right now in an infinite number of parallel dimensions that we just happen to be bouncing between as we move along through our lives.

What if our entire universe, as vast as it appears to us to be, is insignificant in its existence, in its impact on reality?  I’m not talking about our solar system or our galaxy, I mean “everything”.  What if everything we see, know, and experience, is existing in a random spark of static electricity in some infinitely larger universe?  Kind of like in the kid’s book, “Horton Hears a Who”.  What if there is some infinitely larger universe beyond our ability to comprehend or see, and a being reached for a doorknob, and as he did a tiny spark of static electricity shot between him and the metal doorknob, and in that split second of electricity, exists our entire universe?  What if our sense of time is just much slower than that of the beings in the larger universe that spawned ours?  We could be existing in a momentary spark that is doomed to go out.  Again, I’m not just talking about humanity, this planet, or this galaxy, I’m talking about “everything” we know and see and experience, our entire known universe.  What if our known universe really is floating around on a speck of dust, and we’re just too small to be affected by the external stimuli acting on that piece of dust?

What if, everything we’ve come to know as reality, is a lie?  What if our conscious minds really occupy another body which we would find totally alien, and we’re just plugged into this illusion of existence as part of some big social experiment?  What if you’re the only “real” person, and the rest of us are computer generated AI, put here to create an illusion for you to live in for a given amount of time?

Just some random thoughts I had while at work, thought I’d share.

About Gerowen

I’m just a man. I’m probably the strangest combination of a person you’ll ever meet. I’m a country boy, and live in the woods of eastern Kentucky. I’m a veteran of the Iraq war and received an honorable discharge from active duty with the US Army. I’m a son, brother, husband, and a father. I take great pride in providing for my family and myself, and being as self sufficient as reasonably possible. I believe if you can do something yourself, if you can earn something by working for it, then you appreciate it more. I’m a staunch defender of the 2nd amendment and believe in individual liberty and responsibility. I love the outdoors; hunting, fishing, and hiking. I am also a tech nerd. When I was in the Army I was a 25B, which is basically a computer nerd in camo. I enjoy video games, building and working on PCs, CB radios and all things technological. I'm primarily a PC gamer on Steam, Origin, etc. I enjoy role playing games and SOME first person shooters such as Battlefield 1 and occasionally Overwatch. Generally speaking I like playing alone, or if I'm online, it's usually some sort of role playing game.
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One Response to Infinity

  1. I am told that ‘Time’ is indeed our own invention here in this reality… We perceive time as linear Past, Present, and Future, all in a line side by side.. And yet those in the spirit realm have described it to be more like a deck of cards stacked up on top of each other… in which it can be viewed and lived simultaneously as if looking through the deck from top to bottom.. Hence this is how when we tap into that energy we can see the future and past events for they are all there within the deck to access… This too is why Past life regression has healed present day health problems, I too experienced a past life regression to heal a hand problem.. Also some say they can go forward and access the future!..
    I have no doubts we live in a world where we only perceive a portion of what in fact is real and the real truth of our existence may well prove to be totally different to our perception of it..
    Parallel worlds I feel exist somewhere, and we are also multi dimensional beings this being our Earth Experience…
    We could go on for ever and ever… and no doubts we do…. for our imagination is infinite! 🙂

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