Some Tricks to Spotting a Spam Email

Spam e-mail is something we all hate, that much is a fact.  However, it isn’t always obvious that an e-mail is fake, and sometimes you have to know what you’re looking for.  Below is a photo of a real spam e-mail I just found in my spam folder a few minutes ago, that, at first glance “looks” pretty legitimate.  Below are some things to look out for when going through your e-mails:

— Obviously bad grammar and spelling
— “From” address displayed in your Inbox view doesn’t match the “From” address displayed when you open the e-mail.
— Hyperlinks say one thing, but actually point you to another site.
— E-mails that ask you to “verify your information”, for a service that have already done so with.
— E-mails that ask you for your password.  If the e-mail is really from the people who own your account, they have administrative access to their own servers, and would not need your password to gain access to your account.

Be very conscious of the websites you visit when you click a link as well.  One time I got an e-mail that looked very legitimate from ebay asking me to change my password because it had expired since I hadn’t logged in for a year.  That seemed fine, and I clicked a link and was about to click “Submit”, when I noticed I was on “” instead of ““.  I e-went to, e-mailed their complaints dept. and sure enough, it was a phishing attack that almost worked on me.  It’s a dangerous world out there everybody, watch your backs and be careful what you click on. 🙂


About Gerowen

I’m just a man. I’m probably the strangest combination of a person you’ll ever meet. I’m a country boy, and live in the woods of eastern Kentucky. I’m a veteran of the Iraq war and received an honorable discharge from active duty with the US Army. I’m a son, brother, husband, and a father. I take great pride in providing for my family and myself, and being as self sufficient as reasonably possible. I believe if you can do something yourself, if you can earn something by working for it, then you appreciate it more. I’m a staunch defender of the 2nd amendment and believe in individual liberty and responsibility. I love the outdoors; hunting, fishing, and hiking. I am also a tech nerd. When I was in the Army I was a 25B, which is basically a computer nerd in camo. I enjoy video games, building and working on PCs, CB radios and all things technological. I'm primarily a PC gamer on Steam, Origin, etc. I enjoy role playing games and SOME first person shooters such as Battlefield 1 and occasionally Overwatch. Generally speaking I like playing alone, or if I'm online, it's usually some sort of role playing game.
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